Barotseland Freedom Movement not interested in KK’s ‘help’ on Barotseland

The Barotseland Freedom Movement (BFM), one of the key movements in the push for the separation of Barotseland from Northern Rhodesia says it’s too late for former president Kenneth Kaunda to intervene.

BFM International Relations Secretary Shuwanga Shuwanga wondered where Kaunda was all this time.

This is what he told the Watchdog:

Firstly we would like to point out that Dr. Kaunda is NOT the originator of the “one Zambia one nation” slogan. It is a direct translation of paragraph three of the Barotseland Agreement 1964 which says that:-

“And whereas it is the wish of the Government of Northern Rhodesia and of the Litunga of Barotseland, his Council and the chiefs and people of Barotseland that Northern Rhodesia should proceed to independence as one country and that all its people should be one nation:

And Dr. Kaunda is certainly not the father of Barotseland.

Please be advised that we as Barotseland Freedom Movement, do no speak on behalf of the Barotse Royal Establishment although we are represented in the Barotse National Council. It must, however, be understood that the choice ALREADY MADE of disengagement with Zambia came from the people of Barotseland. The Council that took place recently is our supreme Council and all its resolutions are final, especially when such resolutions are coming from the Barotse nation and directed to the same Barotse nation. Therefore, BRE cannot go back on what the people of Barotseland have decided on as doing so would only be dangerous.

The reaction from Dr. Kaunda, and it coming only now, is surprising indeed. We wonder where he has been all along when our people were being butchered by the Zambian police force masquerading as a service. He had promised to sort out the issue with us in the third Republic though he naively thought he was going to win the 1991 elections. The best he could have done even when his son, Col. Panji Kaunda showed concern, was to help prevent what took place on 14th January 2011.

Dr. Kaunda knows his mess very well. He had solemnly promised to “fully” honour the Agreement but he was the first one to turn around and even persecute the late Mr. Nalumino Mundia when he had challenged him on, particularly, the Local Government Act of 1965. The man was even banished to then notorious Chilubi Island for trying to help the same Dr. Kaunda fulfill his promise to the Barotse people. The former president should only explain to the Zambian nation why he had decided to auction the kwacha. As on the Barotseland issue; he must stand aside and watch the Barotse people prove to him what he already knows about them.

The Barotseland Agreement 1964 was terminated by the Zambian Government. We only decided to also terminate it on 27th March 2012. It is now totally dead and there can NOT be any further discussions about it except if such were held in the International Court of Justice, not even Zambian courts. People must therefore stop troubling themselves about the Agreement and whether it can still be honoured. That we too have now agreed with the Zambian Government held understanding of it being overtaken by events, there cannot be any sense in even dreaming about it being restored. Such will only put all of us in deeper political and economic troubles.

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