Barotseland in darkness since Friday

Barotseland in darkness since Friday

Almost the entire Western province has been plunged into darkness from Friday following an unexplained power switch off.

Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba on Sunday said his PF regime will one day sort out the people of Western province.

Mwamba’s comments follow the refusal by the people of that area  to take part in the making of the Zambian constitution which is currently in draft form.

Mwamba, the most brutal, barbaric and corrupt minister in the PF regime said in Monze on Sky FM that the people of Barotseland were pushing their luck too far.

People of Western province are therefore wondering if the sudden loss of power is not a deliberate act by the government as the process of sorting them out.

No explanation has been given by the government electricity agency ZESCO.

A rumour is being circulated that power failed after an elephant knocked down a pylon in Sesheke district. But Sesheke is the only district with power at the moment.

Lewanika Hospital, The main Hospital in Mongu is also said to have no power as the generator is not working.

One resident told the Watchdog that due to lack of electricity, even running water is beginning to stop flowing.

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