Barotseland is a Zambian issue, Government tells Netherland Envoy

Government says Netherland’s Ambassador to Zambia Harry Molennar is not more knowledgeable than the Zambian Government about the Barotseland Agreement.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Kabinga Pande said in an interview on February 28 witht the Daily Mail that the agreement is a Zambian issue.

“Zambians are more qualified to discuss the issue,” Mr Pande said.

He was reacting to the ambassador’s comment at the national conference on traditional authorities, decentralisation and rural development in Lusaka on February 28. Mr Molennar was quoted by ZNBC last evening.

Mr Molennar was reported to have said Zambia can resolve the impasse on the Barotseland Agreement through Government’s decentralisation policy.

He said the decentralisation policy encourages inclusive dialogue and that no one would feel left out.

Mr Molennar said the Barotseland Agreement appears to be unresolved and that it is a matter of concern.

He said co-operating partners are saddened that demands for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement ended up being violent.

Mr Molennar said the Zambian government’s decentralisation policy will stimulate the country’s rural development.

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