Barotseland meets over Zambian insult

Barotseland meets over Zambian insult

The Litunga has summoned all senior chiefs in Barotseland for a privy council meeting that is taking place in Limulunga Royal village.

The meeting is in connection with the outbursts of Speaker of the National Assembly and also the stance taken by the Zambian government over Barotseland. Other issues is to deal with rebel and masquerading chiefs.

Those who are present are as follows;

Her Royal highness Litunga la mboela Princess Mbuyu Imwiko who is incharge of Senanga and Nalolo districts, chieftainship Mboanjikana Mulena Mukwae Kandundu yeta who is incharge of Kalabo and Sikongo districts, Senior chief Inyambo yeta who is incharge of Mwandi, Sesheke and Mulobezi districts, Senior Chief Amukena who is incharge of Kaoma, Luampa and Nkeyema districts, Senior Chief Lukama who is incharge of Shangombo and Sioma districts, Senior Chief Anang’anga Imwiko who is incharge of Lukulu and Mitete districts, chief mwene chiengele kashengula nyumbu of Mushuwa Limulunga, chief mwene kandala sakwiba of Yuka in Mongu, and chief mwene kahare Justine Kahare of Litoya in Nkeyema are present.
The only vacant chiefdom is for Mwene Mutondo, where there is no reigning chief.

The meeting that started yesterday in the afternoons will end on Wednesday.

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