Barotseland Prime Minister arrested as Lozis beat war drums

Barotseland Prime Minister arrested as Lozis beat war drums

Clement Wainyae Sinyinda

Barotseland Prime Minister Clement Wainyae Sinyinda has been arrested by the Zambian security forces.

BFM International Relations Secretary Shuwanga Shuwanga told the Watchdog that Sinyinda was arrested Thursday evening but released after several hours when scores of people surrounded the police station.

The people of Bartoseland on Wednesday resolved to secede from Zambia and create their own country. The Zambian government rejected the resolutions and described the move as treason.

But Sinyinda told the BBC that they are not going back on their resolve.

Sinyinda was initially called by Mongu police  from his home at Limulunga. It was when he got to the police station that he was detained but released after the police station was mobbed by residents after word went round.

The police ordered him to go back to the police Friday morning and to take the Barotse National Council resolutions papers with him.

A reliable source told the Watchdog that the Ngambela will tonight beat the war drums (maoma).

They maoma drums are only beaten  as an alarm to the Barotse nation besides on kuomboka.

‘Him and the activists with him are basically surrounded by the soldiers and police right now as they march to the Palace grounds. Limulunga is swarmed with security forces right now,’ explained a source who is in Mongu.

Earlier, Shuwanga demanded the immediate release of Sinyinda saying he has committed no wrong.

‘It must be known that the entire Barotse nation is behind Mr. Wainyae. He has not acted out of his own will by declaring Barotseland free from Zambia. The People of Barotseland are the ones who have decided on that freedom. The government of Zambia is only proving to the world that it is not democratic at all, especially whenever it comes to issues pertaining to Barotseland. This is precisely why we have opted out of the fake unitary state and time will prove us right. We shall not go back on our decision.’

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