Barotseland prime minister tours Livingstone as Batuke Imenda tells Lozis to be ready to die for their country

Former Lukulu Member of Parliament Batuke Imenda has charged that no amount of threats and pressure from the Patriotic Front government will scare the Lozi people from demanding for what they were promised during campaigns for the 2011 general elections

Mr. Imenda who is in the delegation of the Prime Minister for the Barotse Royal Establishment was speaking on arrival in Livingstone on Saturday.
“No amount of threats and pressure will scare lozis from demanding what belongs to them”, he said in lozi.
Mr. Imenda said that there is no need for bloodshed and threats because there is nothing wrong that the Lozi people have done by demanding what belongs to them.
He said that it is not the problem of Lozis if  other ethnics groups which President Michael Sata said would also demand their own land if the lozi are given their land back.
He said they should produce as evidence  treats which were signed by their leaders during the making of Zambia because Lozis have the Barotse Agreement of 1964.
Mr. Imenda advised lozis in Livingstone not to be afraid to die for what belongs to them.
“ musike mwa saba kushwela sesili sa mina (do not be afraid of dying for what belongs to you)”
He said that the issue of the Barotse Agreement of 1964 has been raised to the government and the Lozi want to dialogue with government without any bloodshed.
Mr. Imenda said that many Lozis were arrested while others were killed over the Barotse and Agreement and questioned why the Government is asking all Zambians on an issue which only concerns Lozis.
He said that the Government should learn from South Sudan where those that demanded for their own land have been given.
Mr. Imenda who addressed men and women who were clad in their Lozi traditional attire spoke in Lozi throughout his speech said the Prime Minister has hearing all the bad names he has been called since his installation but will not respond to any.
He further disclosed to the men and women who welcomed the Prime Minister’s delegation at the Mukuni Park that very soon, the meeting for the Barotse National Council will called to discuss concerns which will be raised by the Lozis in all the areas they will be visiting.
Mr. Imenda said that the aim of the visit to Livingstone is a familiarization tour to make known of the new Prime Minister to all the Lozis in the country.

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