Barotseland Privy Council ‘deadlocked’ on way forward on Barotseland

The Privy Council that was summoned by the Litunga at Limulunga royal village in Mongu on Tuesday failed to conclude its deliberations on Wednesday afternoon as scheduled following a ‘deadlock’ on the issue of Barotseland statehood.
Sources in Limulunga have indicated that close to 90 percent of the chiefs in attendance resolved that the 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) resolutions to break away from Zambia (revert Barotseland to its pre-1964 status) be respected and implemented while the Litunga, the Ngambela Mukela Manyando and a few Indunas insisted that Barotseland should go for restoration of the defunct 1964 Agreement as opposed to total independence that was resolved during the BNC meeting in 2012.
The deadlock forced the meeting to be extended to Friday 29th November 2019. The Ngambela’s Kuta proposed to have a committee drawn from districts to form a team that should re-write the 2012 BNC independence resolutions and tailor them to suite what the Zambian government wants to hear and implement.
This position was however not taken kindly by the majority of chiefs in attendance as they wondered why the Ngambela’s Kuta was attempting to rewrite what was voted by the BNC in 2012.
Resolutions that are voted by the Barotse national Council (BNC) can only be reversed or amended by another BNC meeting.

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    Muwerewere 2 weeks ago

    They have another money raising project. This noise will die as soon as Lusaka releases some cool cash.Just wait and see.

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    with hold my name for now 2 weeks ago

    Some issues are not worthy talking about. They are better off left for dead and never to resurrect again. A genuine cause always has support both locally and internationally. This day dreaming from the west of Zambia shall never succeed but remain in the archives of history. First of all this issue brings out a lot of lies. Anything built on lies can never succeed. Lozis are not discriminated against in Zambia. Most of them occupy very key positions in industry,government and parastatal institutions. This Barotse promotes tribal hegemony, putting the Lozi tribe above the other tribes. No wonder even in this era you still want to choose chiefs for other tribes. We will never accept this in Zambia. Days of tribal dominance are long gone in the 19th century. I can assure you not even the boundary can be drawn, you cant. Ask chief Mukuni and he will tell you off. There shall be never a country called Loziland or Barotseland. You guys just go farming.

  • comment-avatar
    Muntu Bulyo 2 weeks ago

    Mr. Munyenga. Your thinking is very bad and you are not the only one who thinks like that. Many other Zambians do. Which is one good reason why Lozis should think of leaving the country called Zambia. What makes you think that Lozis would suffer if they left Zambia. What makes a country fail or prosper. It is not the resources it has but the management and what I call the software. Zambia as it exists now may have resources but it is poor country because the citizenry is foolish. No management and no software. To me there is nothing to write home about the country called Zambia.

    • comment-avatar
      Nyambe the Hero 2 weeks ago

      Bear with him.

      He has mental health issues plus his name is probably Brian Kabuswe who is also psychotic and hysterical when he calls radio stations.

      He is irrelevant and isn’t even in lower PF structures.

  • comment-avatar
    MUNYENGE 2 weeks ago

    Good for nothing nationals of Barotseland, always wanting to put Zambia on fire, it wont work never!!!! if any of those 90 percent of the chiefs supporting the independence of Barotseland have balls enough to support that foolishness let them come out in the open on ZNBC and air their views so that we arrest them and they should be tried for secession which is not bailable. these fools don’t learn from history, look at their master lunyungandabo he is feeling the heat at mukobeko maximum prison because of the same foolishness of wanting to separate Zambia.Zambia is a country of equal opportunities so these fools better send their children to school so that they compete favourably with those from other parts of Zambia.You think by separating you going to be having five meals a day? is western province a land of honey and milk? think twice you imbeciles.

  • comment-avatar
    Martin Kunolu 2 weeks ago

    The Barotse Agreement of 1964 stresses on sharing of resources, especially natural resources like ‘mubu’meaning land in siLozi.There is no part where it states that when not ‘happy’ with the conduct of the other party, in this case, government in power, then secceed.I know my clansmen are not happy with the underdevelopment in Barotseland, but secession is not the way to go.Let us not handle the matter with emotions. Zambia is a country governed by laws.If aggrieved, I believe the judicial process is a better route to take.Kozo

  • comment-avatar
    Kamuti 2 weeks ago

    Thanks to the Litunga and The Ngambela for being mature and clever. Those calling for secession have not understood the barotse agreement of 1964. The agreement talks about power and wealth sharing of which the BRE already enjoys. The BRE has more powers than government in western province. What are the secession calls for? Just wanting to seeing Zambia on fire? I don’t think even HH would accept secession calls if he becomes president…??!! We say no to bloodshed. Let peace prevail in our country. We are one Zambia one nation.

    • comment-avatar
      Maano 2 weeks ago

      Colonialists would always think that the colonised do not have right to self- determination! Does @kamuti live in Zambia or they live in the diaspora. Barotses are currently economic refugees in the Northern Rhodesian part of the Country of Zambia. Before independence. Barotseland was nation-state, and so it is supposed to be, under the current Black Majority Rule. Zambia was born a federation of two states (protectorate = a state whose foreign relations and military power is controlled by another, more powerful state of institution), namely Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland, with a supposedly central government at Lusaka, with Barotseland having its headquarters at Lyalui-Mungu! But, is this position holding true now? The answer is a loud ‘hell No’! So, if this arrangement is repudiated by the central government at Lusaka, what stops the nation-state of Baroteseland reverting to pursuing its independence from Zambia, just like the two former protectorates of Northern Rhodesia sought independence from the Colonialist Britain? Currently, really, Barotseland is a colony of ‘Zambia’. Why shouldn’t Barotseland seek colonial independence from Zambia?

      • comment-avatar

        Beware of them, only their own personal interests are in their resolutions. They don’t care about the fate of Lozis and least of all the jailed Afumba and friends in jail. ‘BA 64’ was meant as A WAY OUT for Barotseland, it was not meant to yoke Barotseland into subjection to Zambia. Barotses should find a way to fight that Litunga for them to break the yoke of bondage.

    • comment-avatar
      Musumali Liyunga 2 weeks ago

      At times war is necessary for a country to mature politically. Zambians if they are truly to be independent should not fear war. Those that go to war are not fool but those who fear wars by default remain enslaved.