Barotseland shuns meeting aimed at endorsing Bill 10

Barotseland shuns meeting aimed at endorsing Bill 10


Almost all influential people and organisations in Barotseland, including senior chiefs, have refused to take part in a ‘dialogue’ sponsored by State House but convened by the Litunga through the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE)

In a desperate bid to trick UPND MPs to vote for the ill-fated Bill 10, State House last December funded the BRE to urgently convene a meeting of influential people, organisations from the region to discuss contents of Bill 10 and agree to support . The catch was that Bill 10 will recognise the Barotseland agreement of 1964.

Among the targeted delegates to the ‘dialogue’ were to be 10 MPs from Barotseland.

But there was a bigger tricky. According to guidelines of the ‘dialogue’, the 10 MPs to be in the dialogue council ‘will not subordinate the interest of the dialogue council to that of their political party. See attached documents signed by Manyando Mukela the Ngambela, traditional prime minister of Barotseland. All the 10 MPs are from UPND.

So, the 10 UPND MPs were to go to parliament to vote not as agreed by UPND about as guided by the State House sponsored ‘Barotse Dialogue Council’.

Unfortunately all the major stakeholders have shunned the dialogue which was supposed to take place before Christmas.
But the BRE insists that it will still go ahead with the dialogue.
President Edgar Lungu is currently in Barotseland meeting the Litunga. Coincidence?

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