Barotseland warns Zambia of organized massacre if pushed too far

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has warned the Zambian government to stop toying with the idea of dissecting Barotseland as doing so will attract the worst organized massacre (pogrom) ever experienced on the continent of Africa.
And the BRE has said that the march towards Barotseland independence is advanced and unstoppable.
Reacting to calls by a section of Nkoyas for the government to divide Western Province into two by creating Kafue Province, Induna Natamoyo (Dr Ngombala Lubita) said in a press release that the BRE was alive to the fact that the proponents of the idea to divide Barotseland were being encouraged by the Zambian government to fan problems to force Barotseland to react.
Induna Natamoyo stressed that it was a fact that some top government officials had promised to create a province for Nkoyas for political expediency.
He warned that the BRE has for a long time tolerated unbecoming behaviour from the Nkoyas and stressed that no part of Barotseland will be ceded for Nkoyas.
He said silence should not be misconstrued for cowardice and warned that the reaction from Barotseland will be lethal if pushed too far.
Induna Natamoyo said Barotseland does not wish to repeat the human catastrophe that befell the Makololo in 1865 which resulted in their obliteration from the surface of the earth save for their language.
He wondered why the Nkoyas are complaining of being marginalized but was quick to mention that the BRE was not surprised at the high level of ignorance and lack of basic knowledge exhibited by the ‘illegal’ Nkoya Royal Council.
He said if President Lungu’s government appoints Bembas in all district councils in Kaoma, Nkeyema, Lukulu, Luampa, Sikongo, Mitete and Nalolo the Nkoya should not accuse the BRE of marginalizing them.
And reacting to a statement by the ‘Nkoya Royal Council’ that they do not support the Barotseland Agreement of 1964, Induna Natamoyo pointed out that Nkoyas were represented in the Barotseland government and participated in the negotiations and formulation of the Barotseland Agreement in Livingstone in April 1964.
He named over eight Nkoyas representing Mwenes Mutondo and Kahare (Nkoya Chiefs) among those who participated in formulating the Barotseland agreement among them honourable Simon Liyoka who was part of the inner circle in Litunga Sir Mwanawina’s government in which he was a Minister of Public Works before Kenneth Kaunda dissolved the government of Barotseland in 1965.
He said Mwenes Mutondo and Kahare are members of the Barotse Privy Council which they attend when called by the Litunga and pointed out that Nkoyas were just one of the over 30 tribes in Barotseland.
Induna Natamoyo however said the Nkoyas were free to relocate to any place outside Barotseland if they feel uncomfortable to live side by side with the rest of the people in Barotseland and noted that Nkoyas constitute 4.7 percent of Barotse population as per 2010 census of population statistics.
And the BRE has said that the march towards Barotseland independence is advanced and unstoppable.
‘The march towards Barotseland’s extrication from the Zambian stranglehold of servitude is unstoppable and advanced, soon the realisation of the Barotseland independent nation will be a reality,’ reads the statement signed by Induna Natamoyo.
He said the issue of Barotseland was being tackled using learned and civilized legal recourse to resolve as it brings into play contract, constitutional and international law related to self-determination and human rights.
Induna Natamoyo said if Nkoyas have a problem with the Barotseland Agreement issue they can join the Zambian government to rebut the 300 plus pages submitted by the BRE to the African Union Commission which he says Zambia has failed to offer credible counter evidence.
He said the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR) has established prima facie evidence that Zambia has violated rights of the people of Barotseland including Nkoyas.

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