Barotse activists to subpoena Kaunda to give evidence

Barotse activists to subpoena Kaunda to give evidence

Kuanda returning from signing BA64

Kuanda returning from signing BA64

The 84 Barotse activists facing treason charges have instructed their defence team to summon President Sata and first republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda as witnesses should their treason charges proceed to trial.

The activists have also demanded that President Sata should immediately release and publish the Chongwe Commission Report on Barotseland.

In a statement signed by several sympathisers and released yesterday in Lusaka the activists have also warned President Sata to desist from treating the people of Barotseland as children of a lesser god by denying them basic protection offered by the constitution amid the crisis created by his own administration over the matter of the Barotseland Agreement.

The sympathisers include general Malimba  Masheke, ADD president Charles Milupi, Muliokela Wamunyima and Luena Member of Parliament Mulumenui Imenda.

Others include Joseph Mulyata, Mulondwe Muzungu, George Mpombo, Brebner Changala and Mutungulu Wanga.

They said President Sata, who will be summoned as witness number 1 will be asked to shed light on his membership of the Linyungandambo organisation which he conferred on himself at Mongu’s Blue Gums grounds during his campaign for Republican Presidency where he undertook to honour the Barotseland Agreement 1964.

“The defence team shall seek to find out how the objectives of Linyungandambo have changed between that time and now and when the president appears to have resigned his membership of the organisation” the statement read in part.

First republican president Kenneth Kaunda will appear as closing defence witness and will be required to explain his role in negotiating for the Barotseland Agreement 1964 and why he signed it. He will also interpret the consequences of its termination by his government in 1969.

“The defence team will further inquire into letters that President Kaunda wrote to the Ngambela and the Litunga in 1991  wherein he undertook to set in to motion the implementation of the agreement upon his return to office after the elections of that year” the statement reads.

Chairman of the Rodger Chongwe Commission on Barotseland, Chongwe is also among the several witnesses lined up and will be required to explain the Commission’s findings and its recommendations.

Other witnesses include Vice President Guy Scott and Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba who will explain why they signed a circular letter condemning former president Rupiah Banda for arresting and prosecuting some Barotse activists following.

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