Battered UNZA Chef was not part of protest

The alleged university of Zambia chef Victor Makukula Ngoma who was brutally beaten by overzealous policemen was not part of the protestors but was wrongly apprehended on his way home after knocking off, Makukula Ngoma does not even work for UNZA but a privately owned Oasis Restaurant located in the university grounds.

Police in an attempt to quench a peaceful protest by students who had gathered to denounce the dictatorship and unjustified arrest of journalists and civil society leaders picked up Ngoma who they beat up and sustained a fractured leg and some head injuries. Ngoma of Mutendere compound appeared in court on Monday wih difficulties in walking and was jointly charged with the 12 students.

A prominent lawyer has meanwhile advised that Makukula must not have been jointly charged with the students but have him dropped from the charges immediately.

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