Bbelemu angers Jean Kapata for likening her to ‘basali bamwali fifi’

Community Development Deputy Minister Jean Kapata was on Wednesday incensed when Mbabala UPND Member of Parliament Effraim Belemu remarked, “basali bamwali fifi” (ladies of the night)” following her point of order over his line of debate.

During debate on the 2014 National Budget to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bbelemu said the behavior of the PF government at home had affected the country’s international relations.

“What we do we hear mirrors to the country’s international relations,” said Bbelemu.

However, this prompted Kapata to rise on a point of order wondering the lawmaker was in order to state what he had stated without laying facts on the table of the house.

But deputy speaker said Bbelemu was in order and advised him to continue with his debate.

As Bbelemu continued in his debate, he stated: “where I come from, there is a saying that basali bamwalififi (ladies of the night).” Lungu asked him to translate to which he said “its a Lozi saying which means that the women you meet in the night, you cannot proudly move with them during the day.

The statement angered Kapata who was overhead saying: “I will beat him. Can you compare me to those women? That’s an insult.”

Kapata was seen trying to grab a bottle of mineral water and threatening to hit Bbelemu with it, but was restrained by Chiefs and Traditional Affairs deputy minister Susan Kawandami and Community Development Dorothy Kazunga.

After sometime, Kapata was heard shouting at Mwandi MMD MP Michael Kaingu.

“Ba Kaingu, leave me alone! I will insult,” said Kapata as Lungu querried what was happening.

Kapata complained that she was seated on her seat but that Kaingu was pointing at her and calling her names.

Lungu then said: “Let us stop. Let us respect each other.

Kaingu letter sent a note to Kapata but she refused to take it.

Immediately after his debate, Bbelemu left parliament and did not return.

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