Be loyal to RB, another officer orders soldiers

Zambia National Service (ZNS)  Secretary Brigadier General Nathan Mulenga has cautioned his officers
across the nation against involving themselves in partisan politics.

Brig. Gen. Mulenga said ZNS officers that took the oath of allegiance to the  commander-in-chief (the Republican President) must be loyal to the government of the day.

He observed that officers had a responsibility towards the fight  against the spread of HIV/AIDS.

He urged them to talk about it and ultimately protect themselves.

The ZNS senior official noted that ZNS in Central province continued to fulfil the production targets and other tasks of national importance.

He expressed confidence that the service would continue scoring high  in agriculture production in 2010 seen from the
ZNS camps in the country among them Mumbwa that has for a third year running continued to produce good yields.

And speaking at the same function ZNS School commandant Shame Chabala said that the service was resolved to undertake tasks of national
importance along side its major of production and defence.

Lt. Col. Chabala noted that despite the numerous challenges the service had experienced in 2009 it had put up 240 hectares of white
maize in some selected camps across the nation.

He said that the service was undertaking community responsibilities in partnership with the local authority in areas that needed its
interventions against diarrhea diseases such as cholera.

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