Beating of minister Lubinda received well

Beating of minister Lubinda received well


PF cadres have suggested a special squad to ‘discipline ‘ Ministers who they say are making the party unpopular.
They say President Lungu has failed to discipline his Ministers.

On Friday PF youths beat up Kabwata MP Given Lubinda whom they accuse of being a thief.

As they say what goes round comes round.
PF have been warned to desist from creating militia groups. Now that they are almost done “dealing” with the other political parties they have turned on their leaders.

Meanwhile police at Kabwata had a good laugh after Lubinda filed a report of assault on himself.

Some police officer told the Watchdog that Lubinda deserves the beating and accused him of not ‘donating’ to police officers.

‘Chikala came here looking humbled. But how does he expect is to go and catch his enemies when he left us na manja Chabe? We have more serious cases to attend to here,’ one police officer said.

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