Begging Kabompo traffic officers

‘Twalicula ifwe monenifye ama uniform,tupeniko akanono’.
Thank you so much for the job that u are doing exposing these people who abuse their offices.

Its a shame that the people who have been given the power to protect the lives of people are the ones who are stealing from people using that statement stated above. Wat a shame!

I don’t kno may be the bankrupt Pf govt through Traffic police officers in kabompo  have introduced new laws which states that they have to use their uniforms to charge licensed drivers and certified vehicles to raise money to buy uniforms and buying some things for their homes and offices.

Its too much for these officers in kabompo coz even when the vehicle is registered and certified to be by RATSA to be used on the road they will still use that statement stated above,so that out of sympathy u can leave to them!
Road blocks are being mounted every day when very few people have got vehicles and mostly the pipo with vehicles are civil servants,and yet the same civil servants depend on the delayed salaries by the loan dependents  pf government!
How can road blocks b mounted every day from sunday to sunday? We don’t ave money to be giving u every day coz u don’t have uniforms!
Please, change for the better! Pantu mwacilamo!

Concerned kabompo resident!

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