Being Zambian today is depressing – Chisanga

Being Zambian today is depressing – Chisanga


Water Aid country Director, Pamela Chisanga, has lamented at how its depressing to be a Zambian.

Writing on a social media blog, Chisanga said it was currently disheartening to be Zambian under the current economic and social status.

Below is what she posted:

Just got out of a meeting where I was the only Zambian in the meeting. I never thought I would live through a time when I would be ashamed to be Zambian. The lack of confidence and trust in us as a people is disheartening. I love my country and so sitting in meetings like that where I know what is being said is true and I can’t defend anything is really depressing. I got tongue tied, something that happens to me when I am emotional or stressed because a lot of the senseless things that happen in this country are hard to defend or justify. We live in a country where it is a now well known and docemented fact that 40% of resources in govt end up being misappropriated. The auditor general’s reports document all this very well. We have donor funding to some sectors reducing because of misappropriation. Although we are a country that should not be crying for aid, the reality is that our social sectors are still by and large donor driven because our own money doesn’t reach intended targets. How did we get here? When will this end?

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    MADURO 3 weeks ago

    Yamunyokolani njala cab

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    Steve 3 weeks ago

     We articulate the problems very well.  So what are glinting to about all this? 

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    Blago 3 weeks ago

    Well written! Except you should have added that its very depressing to live in a country where majority of people don`t love their country but concerned about the welfare of Lungu and PF politicians who have tuned the country into a shithole!

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    MAMBO TEMBO 3 weeks ago

    It is pretty sad that each day we-‘the informed’- are behaving as though we have no sight of all the ills going on in our land. There’s too much misdeed going on and around. A lot of criminality indeed. You see, I strongly believe in the thermodynamics law. Time of reckoning for all the evils committed shall come. There’s no way people could be stealing in the volumes we read about and develop lifestyle change overnight as others wallow in abject poverty? Where is your conscience as yo do that. Hiding under the ‘Christian nation’ flag will not save you- these criminals that seem not to have any heart whatsoever. We know you, and by your dealings you shall be punished. See the poverty of your general citizenry. I really feel sad at the turn of events. BE EMPATHIC

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      Chilankalipa 3 weeks ago

      And we have idiots at ZNBC collecting money by force from every Zambian including those who are telling ifinkuula ati namunyela mufyakufwala, but they are arrogant and money is being spent on praising the downfall of the once brirriant and somehow prosperous nation turned upside down

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    What a corrupt Civil Service! 3 weeks ago

    @cost conscious climate….I was like you a civil servant who reported my boss for corruption to the Ombudsman. She refused to act the then ombudsman and I was denied post graduate sponsorship as well as promotion.
    Apart from the corruption and nepotism, the Civil service has a draconian atmosphere where workers are supposed to pay allegiance to their bosses for them to obtain any favours so most workers are turned into bootlickers by the system. Such an atmosphere is conducive for senior civil servants to steal or misuse funds because all bootlickers are scared to report them. If you are different and you want to stand up for what is right or lawful you are quickly painted as a troublemaker. However, an international company headhunted me and I now work succesfully abroad yet my Zambian boss labelled me a troublemaker. Zambia lost out on my skills and qualifications

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    Cost conscious climate needed in Govt to control fiscal policy 3 weeks ago

    Mum, in 1994, I wrote a paper entitled “cost conscious climate needed in the Zambian Government”. Many senior civil servants then, thought I was crazy and I ended  up being punished by dropping me from undertaking a post graduate diploma in Agri Business Management at Santa Clara University in Carlifornia USA. MY PS then sided with my Director to deny me this opportunity. I appealed to then Secretary to Cabinet, who instead of looking at the matter objectively, he also elected to side with my Director and PS and this was very disheartening. I then appealed to the Ombudisman who was called Administrator General then, but up to today, I have no idea how the matter was concluded.

    Later on in 2006 I presented the same paper at a ZICA forum at Intercontenental Hotel, perhaps the biggest mistake I made was to tell the forum that I was a qualified accountant but chose to go into procurement because one of my best friends always called me several times to bail him out at a police station every Monday morning. This completely made me change my mind about pursuing a career in accounting.

    I agree with you mum, there is a big problem in our accounting system and politicians have made it worse. There is also another aspect of employing people not on merit, but whom you know in the system and this has increased this problem to very alarming proportions. In Government then and today, if you wanted to discipline anyone, you needed to know that you were stepping on a Director, PS, Secretary to Treasury and indeed on politicians’ toes. Performance management is a joke under such circumstances.

    I am very glad my dear for your bold decision to point ithis matter out. Most people we think are responsible, only play the ostrich game.