Being Zambian today is depressing – Chisanga

Being Zambian today is depressing – Chisanga


Water Aid country Director, Pamela Chisanga, has lamented at how its depressing to be a Zambian.

Writing on a social media blog, Chisanga said it was currently disheartening to be Zambian under the current economic and social status.

Below is what she posted:

Just got out of a meeting where I was the only Zambian in the meeting. I never thought I would live through a time when I would be ashamed to be Zambian. The lack of confidence and trust in us as a people is disheartening. I love my country and so sitting in meetings like that where I know what is being said is true and I can’t defend anything is really depressing. I got tongue tied, something that happens to me when I am emotional or stressed because a lot of the senseless things that happen in this country are hard to defend or justify. We live in a country where it is a now well known and docemented fact that 40% of resources in govt end up being misappropriated. The auditor general’s reports document all this very well. We have donor funding to some sectors reducing because of misappropriation. Although we are a country that should not be crying for aid, the reality is that our social sectors are still by and large donor driven because our own money doesn’t reach intended targets. How did we get here? When will this end?

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