Belated valentine to RB and FTJ

By Hillarry Mulenga

If South Africa President Jacob Zuma has been in the world’s news headlines for his manly exploits, the world media should think twice and zoom their cameras to Zambia. Its becoming apparent that even our Republican president has thought of adding another ‘lady’ to his current one. I am not talking out of the blues but with respect to this year’s Valentine’s day, the marriage of convenience between RB and FJT should be given the publicity it deserves.
Call it betrayal of public trust, RB has made it his policy that he can’t be forced to hate FJT. So those calling on him to denounce this shameful marriage might as well wish Lucifer repented his sins and returned to heaven. Sadly, RB is forgetting that just about two years ago, he entered into a contract of marriage with Zambians. By that contract, he swore to put the interests of this territory and its people above everything else!
Everyday, poor Zambians pour down their sweat just to make sure that there are enough taxpayers’ monies to airlift him to every International Conference under the sun, every funeral and every family vacation to Mfuwe. Moreover, it is them that put food on his table and ensure that he pays for FJT’s endless medical bills abroad. So, Zambians have a say on who RB is associating with especially if that association undermines the interests of the nation.
But we can’t afford to lose track of the genesis of this marriage of convenience. RB has blundered by mixing himself with the faulty acquittal of FJT. And since that acquittal happened, it has soiled every major decision he makes. Yet, RB is bent on proving his critics that he was never wrong to influence the acquittal. Guess what, he has done tremendously well on that. That is why anything anti-FJT is anti-RB, and is against their marriage of convenience, and he will do everything in his capacity to protect that marriage!
Love is blind, they say. For sure, the marriage of convenience between the two has made them blind to reality. On the side of FJT, he has allegedly gone flat-out campaigning for his spouse. Instead of humbling himself and admitting his faults, he’s yet at it again mocking the nation to vote for someone they are not happy with. Unfortunately, this is what blind love does.
For RB, the marriage is making more friends than enemies for him. Surely, a Zambian who had lived at the time the late Levy was addressing parliament to consider removing FJT’s immunity should know better that a good portion of the population was asking for a pint of Chiluba’s blood. Associating with FJT is an infection that could better be prevented than cured!
But hey, this is the month of love and we should be congratulating lovers for sharing their lives with each other. We should do the same for RB and FJT and wish their marriage is not only for these better days but even for worse days to come in the future. Happy Valentine RB and FJT!

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