Bemba chiefs denounce Sata

The Bemba Royal establishment (B.R.E.) has described as outrageous and stupid the move by ailing dictator Michael Sata to dethrone senior chief Mwamba and have advised the head of state to concentrate on fulfilling his campaign promises and not to interfere in traditional affairs.

At a meeting at Ludo lodge by the bashilubemba (Chiefs of bembaland) today the chiefs have reesolved that Henry Sosala Kanyanta was duly appointed senior chief Mwamba by the full council of the B.R.E.

The chiefs said the issue of being ‘properly installed’ is a complicated one not worthy disclosing publicly.

Sources close to the royal establishment have also told the Watchdog that their royal highnesses have openly resolved that if the PF government intends to withdraw their salaries, they are free to do so publicly as they cannot be bought by the PF.

They have also resolved to continue recognising Mr. Henry Sosala Kanyanta as senior chief Mwamba and have rejected the appointment of chief Chewe. Sata last week unceremoniously dethroned the traditional leader in his bid to influence the appoinment of the new Paramount chief Chitimukulu which is expected soon.

The watchdog will keep you updated on the matter, but we hereby reproduce the 8 resolutions of the meeting as made available to us.

1. The Bemba Royal Establishment has established that Mr Henry Sosala was duly appointed to be Senior Chief Mwamba by the full council of the Bemba Royal Establishment.

2. The issue of not being properly installed is a sensitive issue that one can not disclose publicly.

3. The BRE shall continue to recognize Mr Henry Sosala Kanyanta as Senior Chief Mwamba.

4. The BRE has advised the government of PF not to interfere with the Bashilubemba`s traditional assignments.

5. The BRE is also disturbed on the demotion of senior chief Nkula whom they have taken to chief Chikwanda.

6. The BRE has also rejected the appointment of Chief Chewe.

7. The BRE has also advised that if government wants to stop paying Bemba chiefs their allowances, they should freely do so in order to protect the integrity of the Bemba chiefs.

8. The rejection of the acting Chitimukulu is also a mistake as such we maintain that the person we appointed to act continues to do so.

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