Bemba Queen mother tells off Sata’s ‘Chitimukulu’ appointee and endorses Sosala

The Queen mother of the Bemba Royal Establishment has castigated ailing dictator Michael Sata’s imposed Chitimukulu, chief Chewe of Chinsali district and insists that Henry Kanyanta Sosala was correctly appointed and must not be interfered with. She says Sosala’s appointment had her blessings.
The queen mother who reigns as Chieftainess Mukuka Mfumu made the remarks when she made a rare appearance during a live paid for program on Radio Mano in Kasama in retaliation to Chileshe Yulaya Yumba who claims to be Chief Chewe Kamponge the 4th of Chinsali district.

She stated that Yumba, who was an imposter and does things outside the Bemba tradition, misled the nation on Tuesday this week when he appeared on the same radio station claiming that Sosala’s appointment as paramount Chief Chiti Mukulu did not go through her.

Sata has refused to recognize Sosala as the duly appointed Chitimukulu and has even sent a battalion of armed paramilitary policemen to seize the Mwinelubemba’s palace, shunting him to a ramshackle hut in the village. He wants to impose his own candidate so that he can manipulate the Bemba speaking people but the people have vowed to stand by their Chitimukulu and to protect their long lived tradition.

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