Bemba queen mother to be crowned today

Former Headmistress of Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Judith Theresa Chilekwa Mpamba, will be crowned Queen Mother for the Bemba people in Kasama today.

Ms Mpamba will be succeeding her late mother Her Royal Highness, Chanda Mukulu wa Chibundu, who died last year.

Ms Mpamba will be crowned queen of the main stream Bemba Royal Establishment through a coronation ceremony which will take place at the Chanda Mukulu Royal Palace in Kasama.

The main function of the queen mother is to bear children that succeed the main stream of Bemba chiefs such as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and Senior Chiefs Mpepo, Nkolemfumu and Mwamba.

According to information available,  Bemba chiefs, being matriarchal,trace their decent and ascendancy to highest thrones through the female line.

Ascendancy to the position of queen mother is also through the female line, and the tradition dates as far back as the 18th century when two brothers, Chiti and Nkole, were running away from brutality of their father, then King Mukulumpe. They left Kola Country and founded a Bemba Kingdom across Kalungu river in present day Zambia.

The two fugitive brothers later rescued their sister, Chilufya Mulenga, who had been imprisoned by their father in Kola Country, saying he did not want her to bear children who would succeed them as king.

The statement says since the Bemba tradition of tracing ascendancy through female line has been strictly followed ever since there is no doubt that the current queen mother who will be installed today will be any different, adding that she shares the same blood with the very first queen mother, Chilufya Mulenga.

The Bembas are sure that the current Paramount Chief Chitimukulu the 37th is a blood relation of there first chief chitimukulu who was the son of Mukulumpe of the Kola Country.

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