Bemba queen mother urges opposition to unite and fight Lungu

Bemba queen mother urges opposition to unite and fight Lungu

MUMBI Mukulu of the Bemba people of Nkole Mfumu in Kasama has urged the opposition in the country to fight for freedom from the PF’s dictatorial rule than fighting one another.

And Mumbi Mukulu, the King mother, says her son Saviour Chishimba is suffering for speaking for the voiceless and marginalised in the country.
Chishimba, the United Progressive People leader, was incarcerated at Woodlands Police Station as the police were investigating allegations that he defamed President Edgar Lungu.

However, police dropped the charges yes and released him unconditionally.

In an interview on Tuesday at Woodlands Police Station where they had gone to visit their son who was in detention, the Mumbi Mukulu urged the opposition to unite in liberating the country from what she called dictatorial rule.

Saviour has been in cells for over six days now, so why are they doing this? He was charged on Friday but why hasn’t he been released? Why have they not taken him to court after being charged? Our hearts are troubled because of Saviour’s incarceration,
the Mumbi Mukulu complained.

She urged the opposition to unite and stop attacking one another as they were fighting for a better Zambia. The traditional leader said her family was saddened that some opposition members had jubilated over the arrest of Chishimba.

There are some people who are adding fuel to the fire. We heard that some people are now digging out what the UPP leader had said in the past to incriminate him further. People who are fighting for freedom; abalelwila ifikansa fyachalo bafwile balebombela pamo (those that want to liberate this country should work together). Back in the days, the freedom fighters were working together; the opposition should not fight one another,
the Mumbi Mukulu said.

“Ba opposition mwabwela mwalalwishanya ninshi icho mulechita chinshi, pantu ichilekuchusha ninshi echilechusha nomunobe, so chalinga mwalabombela pamo. Ifwe fwebafyashi tatuli abasansamuka palichi iyo [When you the opposition start fighting amongst yourselves then what are you doing because what is troubling you as opposition leaders is the same. You need to unite and work. This [infighting among opposition political parties] is worrying us as parents.”
She said there should not be some Judas Iscariots among the opposition who would delight in the suffering of their fellow freedom fighter.

The Mumbi Mukulu called on Zambians to support opposition leaders who had offered their lives in liberating them from the ills of the current leaders.

Umwana wesu alelwishisha imwebene mwebekala chalo. Aipela umwine ati kandwishishe abekala shalo so chalinga naimwe mwebekala chala mwabikako amano, noti ukula alukila abanenu (Our son is fighting for the interests of Zambians. He has stepped forward to say ‘let me fight for the ordinary Zambians’, so you Zambians need to take this fight seriously and not betray each other),
she said.

“Bafwile nabo abantu balelandapo akuti ichi twamona tachiweme iyo. Abekala chalo nabo baleibimbamo pantu aba bantu balebalwishisha ati bakekale bwino. Tekuti Saviour nangu bambi ba opposition leader bakekale bwino, pantu ichalo nga chawama chikawamina bonse. Nga pali ifibipile alandapo elo nabekala chalo basuminisha ati kwena icho alandapo nicho nachibipa. Noti bambi ati iyo nabamwikate alalandalanda; apa ninshi tapabe icho mwalasanga nangu ichomwalabomba (people should speak out because what we have seen is not good at all. Citizens should take an active role in the struggles by the opposition to better citizens’ lives. This fight is not so that Savior and other opposition leaders live well in the end but when the country becomes a better place to live in, it will benefit all citizens. If there are any ills he [Chishimba] is talking against, Zambians should agree with him that ‘speak out about that ill.’ But not for other citizens to be saying ‘let them arrest him; he is outspoken’; that will not benefit anyone).”

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