Bemba queen mothers dare Sata to arrest them as well

The Bemba queen mothers have dared President Michael Sata to arrest them before arresting the Mwinelubemba, Henry Kanyanta Sosala.

Queen mothers, Chanda Weyaya and Mukuka Mfumu, said Mr Sosala did not ascend to throne of Chitimukulu without their approval.

The queen mothers said President Sata should prove to them that he had more powers than them by sending his police officers to arrest them for approving the appointment of Mr Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

Special advisor to the Mwinelubemba, Musonda Mwamba told the Daily Nation that it was now clear that President Sata and Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Nkandu Luo had no regard for royal elders.

He was speaking on behalf of the queen mothers from Kasama.

Mr Mwamba said the queen mothers were waiting for police officers to arrest them together with the Bashilubemba whom they entrusted to appoint the Mwinelubemba.

He said the queen mothers had been observing all the disturbances but hoped that President Sata would understand the Bemba leadership process and recognise Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the duly appointed Chitimukulu.

“The two queen mothers are saying enough is enough. They are tired of seeing their son suffer and have since offered to be the first to be arrested instead of Mr Sosala. As Bembas, we have accepted and blessed the appointment of Kanyanta Sosala, why is Sata having a problem with that? Intambi nintambi, we respected our parents and we shall not allow leaders in our chiefdom who do not respect elders.

“We warn both Mr Sata and Luo to stay away from our chiefdom and advise them to go back to their parents and reconcile and seek peace,” said Mama Mukuka Mfumu.

The queen mothers said it was unfortunate that the current crop of leaders did not value elders and traditions.

They vowed that whether arrested or not Mr Sosala would die as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga II of the Bemba speaking people.

Mr Mwamba further said the bashilumbemba were disturbed with the continued harassment of their leader.

He said they all stood by their Chitimukulu and no amount of intimidation would make them rescind their decision.

The chief advisor said it does not matter that Mr Sata de-gazzeted Mr Sosala as chief Mwamba as the Bashilubemba had every right to appoint a Chitimukulu they felt would take care of the people.

“If Sata claims to have de-gazzeted senior chief Mwamba, them it was  because as the Bashilubemba, with the blessings of our queen mothers we have the right to appoint Henry Sosala as our Mwinelubemba. We pray that God gives our Chitimukulu long life to shame his critics.

“These are traditions and we must follow them because they were started by our fore-fathers,” said Mr Mwamba.

Daily Nation

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