Bemba Royal establisment sees no point in celebrating jubilee without Chitmukulu

Chief Munkonge of the Bemba speaking people of Kasama says government’s continued delay to recognize Paramount Chief Chitimukulu the designate Henry Kanyanta Sosala renders Zambia’s Independence Golden Jubilee less meaningful.

Speaking to reporters at his palace yesterday, Chief Munkonge said the state of affairs between government and the Bemba Royal Establishment leaves much to be desired.

He said it was difficult to fully celebrate the independence jubilee when the ‘Mwine Lubemba’ is not recognized.

The traditional leader however wished people well as they commemorate the independence.

In a related development, farmers in Luwingu district have threatened that they will not participate in this year’s independence celebration in protest against government’s alleged failure to pay them for the maize they supplied to the Food Reserve Agency.

Speaking on behalf of farmers who stormed ZANIS, Emmanuel Mukuka said that they were not happy with government delay in paying them their dues.

Mr Mukuka said a number of farmers sold their maize in July and they have not yet been paid their dues.

He challenged government to come out in open and tell farmers the truth saying they are unable to wait any further.

Radio Mano News

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