Benedete Deka embarased herself on TV

Benedete Deka embarased herself on TV


Have you felt embarrassed or ashamed on behalf of someone?

I really felt embarrassed on behalf PMRC director Bernadette Deka when she failed to express herself in a live Al Jazeera programme ‘The Stream’ last night.

I don’t know whether she knew what was being discussed or she was drunk? She certainly didn’t make sense at all. But again, this could be the problem of supporting things blindly. Deka’ organisation PMRC aid funded by PF so was obviously instructed to go on international TV to support the arrest of HH but she ended up embarrassing herself to the whole world.

Imagine your family and friends and the whole world listening to you fail to comprehend topic and instead start waffling about things unrelated to the topic under discussion?

Below is what she said:

“I think let me say something about that. Let me really say something about that. I think we are talking about Zambia and I think there is a sense of patriotism within ourselves. I think that is a falsehood to actually bring out to the world that the government is overwhelmed by an opposition leader who actually lost an election. I think us as Policy Monitoring and Research Centre have been following up policies, the government’s efforts are concerted and concentrated on pushing the national agenda for the next five years which is the seventh national development plan…I talked about the autonomy of police. So is government or the presidency, auditor general, is government or the presidency for example, anti corruption commission or these other entities including the judiciary, that’s where we need to separate powers,” said Deka.

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