Best way to honor Chibombo victims

Dear Editor,

One way in which the nation can truly mourn the victims of the unfortunate road accident that happened in Chibombo and claimed over 50 lives is to make sure that such an accident never happens again.
As a nation in mourning we should use this time to constructively reflect on this unnecessary loss of life and draw lessons from it.

A lot has been said about the narrow roads and the corruption that occurs on our roads from the issuance of road licenses to wanton disregard of traffic rules.

As we mourn our departed brothers and sisters, let us honour them with the construction of dual carriage ways on all the four major roads into Lusaka from any direction. Let’s widen the Great east road from Chongwe to Lusaka, the Great North Road from Chisamba to Lusaka, the Mongu Road from Mumbwa to Lusaka and the Livingstone Road from  Kafue to Lusaka so that slow moving traffic is separated from fast moving one. Let’s widen these roads so that there is room for fast drivers to overtake easily without endangering the lives of other motorist.

Let’s as a nation divert money from useless and resource undertakings such as the on going bye elections in Mpongwe and Livingstone and the never ending constitution making process, among others to finance these live saving projects.

Let’s use this period to also review the workings of the Road Safety Agency (RTSA) and Road Development Agency (RDA) with the Traffic police. Let’s find a lasting solution so that the innocent blood that cries from our narrow roads will find peace and be rest assured that no Zambian blood will ever be wasted again.

Mthoniswa Banda

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