Betaway Zambia accused of cheating

Betaway Zambia accused of cheating


Dear Betway Zambia (Crooked Betway Zambia)


Missing 15 active tickets bets (second time now)

So I have been writing to you about how my active tickets would magically vanish from my betway accounts. This is the second time this is happening. Of the 31 active tickets with an 1hour to go before the last 8 games to go. I just found 16 active tickets and 15 tickets have vanished can’t be traced where.
Your phones can’t be reached no replies to emails.

The beauty is that I know you guys are crooked so I phone screen recoded all the active tickets before they vanished coz I am gonna take legal action for this and expose you.

I also took down all the ticket numbers and downloaded the pdf tickets. This is too much.

I guarantee you this won’t end well. I know many Zambians have suffered and have been victims of your crooked scheme.

Please post for me to expose these thieves

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