Bflow tells off minister Bowman Lusambo


province minister Bowman Lusambo told Parliament that he talks to musician Bflow’s parents everyday, but Bflow says his parents are dead😇

Watch video then read Bflow’s response.

Did you say you talk to my parents everyday??? Are you a ghost for you to be talking to the dead? Muleikalafye ba mushanina bwali. I will sue you for defamation. #BozaMan

I don’t eat with liars neither do I sit in cars that belong to unintelligent people who allegedly got their positions through bootlicking. Put some respect on my name. This name you are trying to mess with is mentioned by world leaders who possess integrity, not some self proclaimed bootlicker who doesn’t even deserve to be called “Honorable”. I wish the legislature could discipline parliamentarians who tell lies on the floor of parliament. Shame!

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