Bforward Japan should be serious

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your publication to air my grievances with Bforward JAPAN.

I bought a vehicle from Japan through Bforward. I sent funds through FNB and Bforward confirmed receipt and gave us a shipping date enroute to Daresalam. However, close to the shipping date, they changed saying that the ship was not yet full and as such couldn’t leave. They then advised a new departure date.

After several e-mails and phone calls, BForward then informed me that the country of destination had been changed from Zambia to Uganda and that the vehicle was already delivered. They couldn`t even explain clearly who gave them instructions to divert the vehicle to Uganda and why they kept saying it hadn`t left. There after I discovered that the vehicle ordered had also been changed from a Mazda Varsia to a Toyota Vitz but bearing the same invoice number .How this happened only BForward knows.
I was then advised to report to InterPo so that this Vitz could be traced in Uganda. Now it has become my problem to trace the Vitz while Bforward takes no responsibility at all. It appears,the fact that they are based in Japan, they`ll have no legal consequences and such they take advantage. Their BForward Zambia office is apparently just an agency and is therefore not liable for Japan`s dealings. Our police is also not very helpful. It appears one has to really be super connected for them to do something.

I would like to warn other members of the Public to be extra careful when buying anything from Bforward. I am told this is not the first time they are doing this and they always get away with it.

Most people will relate how hard it is to buy a vehicle from monetary point of view and to have it stolen is just hard breaking. I hope and pray that one way of another BForward will be brought to Justice.

Thank you


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