Biased judge Mungeni leads constitutional court

Inherently corrupt and biased
Judge Mugeni Mulenga has been appointed as Deputy President of the Constitutional Court. This appointment has however raised eyebrows among members of the bench some of whom are more senior and experienced by far. You ought to remember that this is the same judge who frustrated Miles Sampa and approved the dubious consent order that allowed Edgar Lungu to be the PF Presidential candidate in December 2014. Her husband is a relation of Edgar Lungu and former Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakubda.
Just last week, Sampa refused to have this PF cadre preside over the matter in which he is challenging the de-registration October his party.
Since this is the court that will be hearing electoral disputes, it means that all cases will be in favour of her party PF. Other parties should not waste time going to this PF kangaroo court. They are better off settling these matters on the street.

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