Bid to rig Lukulu re-launched

A daring project to reverse the opposition victory in the Lukulu West has just been launched. President Michael Sata is believed to have called the PF team in Lukulu when he just woke up this morning and told them that they must do anything to make sure that the PF candidate is declared winner.

The process which seems to be centred on managing the release of results has since been stared on Muvi TV. At 10 hours this morning (Wednesday) Muvitv posted questionable results indicating that only 11 out of 40 polling stations had been counted and that UPND had a small lead. According to Muvi TV, at 10 hours this morning, 11 stations had bee counted and UPND had  1190, while PF had 804.

But QFM radion which posted results three hours earlier said ‘the Lukulu West polls indicate that counting of votes in twenty nine out of the forty polling stations has been complete with UPND’s Misheck Mutelo taking the lead with three thousand and seventy two votes.

He is followed by PF’s Eileen Imbwae with one thousand and four votes while united liberal party’s Mubita Sikwa has got sixty seven votes.’

While the UPND is celebrating victory in Lukulu and wonderful performance in Kapiri, the PF is working to manipulate the figures.


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