Big Brother: housemates from Zambia up for eviction

Ugandan housemates in the Big Brother Amplified house have for the second time survived nominations meaning that they are still in the game for at least another two weeks without worrying about going home.

Last week was for the Heads team as all those who were up for eviction were from the Heads house. They will also be free this week as the eviction fever turns to the Tails House. It is however not clear if the second last housemate will be given a second chance like it was the case for Danny from Ethiopia, as usual we leave that to Biggie for he makes the rules.

This week, Nkuli and Luclay both from South Africa who are in ‘love’ are up for eviction together with Kim from Zambia. Karen from Nigeria had also won herself a place on the nomination’s list only to be saved by the big butt lady Miss P or Peo from Botswana who is this week’s Head of House.

Karen was replaced with Mumba who happens to be from Zambia too, implying that all housemates from South Africa and Zambia are up for eviction and this puts Mumba from Zambia in hot soup.

You can’t blame the head of house for doing what she did because if she doesn’t save anyone, then it is the HoH to get on board for those to be evicted and this does not come that easy now that they’re in it for the money.

Of the four housemates who are up for eviction, Nkuli (former girl friend to Michael from Mozambique) and Luclay are currently a Big Brother Amplified couple and Africa has a tendency of respecting these couples in the short run to see how the game goes for the next weeks to come.

That leaves us with Kim and Mumba all female housemates from Zambia. However, Kim is already doing very well with Nic the Kenyan housemate, they actually sleep together and the other day, they were discussing about the ‘Lobola’ the equivalent of bride price and Kim told him that it is estimated at about USD 5,000.

Now that leaves one housemate with no clear CV and that is Mumba, who should have started packing her bags had she known from the start that she is up, but since she is a victim of a HoH swap, she will get the feel on Sunday and for her, she will not even be shocked like Vimbai who cried uncontrollably because she’s been quiet anyway just like Jossy and Danny.

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