Bigger demonstrations against Sata in Barotseland today

Bigger demonstrations  against Sata in Barotseland today

Lubosi Imwiko II the Litunga

After holding successful demonstrations on Saturday to express their disgust to President Michael Sata’ derogatory attacks on their King the Litunga, Barotseland activists are today scheduled to march to the Permanent Secretary’s office in Mongu.

The activists are mobilizing themselves to meet the Permanent Secretary for Western Province to express their displeasure with President Sata’s conduct which they say is disrespectful and insulting to their king.

President Sata last week said the Litunga was like any other chief (not King) with no special powers in the governance of the country. The activisits, who are pressing for separation from Zambia, are angered that this is the third time President Sata had demeaned their traditional leadership by earlier calling the Prime Minister (Ngambela) as a “fake” and suggesting that the Litunga was the only king who wore western clothes.

“The people of Barotseland stormed the Mongu central police station to air their views concerning Sata’s clashes on Litunga Kaongolo Kanyambe.

“Western Province Police command earlier on Friday night warned and threatened that their are going to shoot the demonstrators, the move which angered the Lozi’s.

“The commander was forced to sleep away and lock himself inside his office but people still went ahead to tell him off,” the activists say.

Barotseland activists say police in the region has since advised them to address their concerns with the Permanent Secretary.

“Therefore, the programe is on Monday at 10am. We call you all wherever you are to hit the road to Barotseland to air your views,” they stated in their appeal to activists based outside the region.

“Please Marotse, the time is now to end Sata’s attacks on Litunga the Head of State. Come with your message for…ambash Sata’s powers in Barotseland.”

Meanwhile, opposition leader Charles Milupi has reacted to President Sata’s attacks accusing him of spreading falsehoods about government policies in Barotseland.

Sata last week accused Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) leader Milupi of spreading falsehoods that Government is scheming to bring about legislation that will clip the powers of the Litunga of the Lozi people.

In a sharp reaction, Milupi has said President Sata is cheapening the Office of the President.

Milupi is offended by Sata’s suggestion that he was misleading people over traditional matters when the Barotse Royal Establishment emanated from the PF government.

He advised Sata to have respect for others and show presidential decorum in the way he was handling matters.

Milupi said Sata should know that his continuous use of vulgar and abusive language on innocent citizens was costly to the governance of the nation.


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