Lubosi Imwiko II the Litunga


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    Kanguya 6 years ago

    For real Lozis are backward indeed, who can accept and believe your illegal allocation of land the way MMD is doing in Lusaka. You are seated at your farm without knowing they allocate your far backyard to another cadre, this is exactly what your Litunga was doing. Even signing agreements with whites to give out people’s land, no wonder you seem to be making noise in our ears because no zambian is interested in your claims. You will just be sued by all those tribes who were affected by your deeds, so you better stop it. You can go and claim Rome from Italians, or part of London for all we care because these are the ones you were making agreements with, to give out land which did not belong to you. People now know their rights and are educated, who do you think you can steal from in broad daylight.

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