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Open letter to Hon. Harry Kalaba

Dear Hon. Harry Kalaba

It is true that you are one of, if not the most honourable minister in the Patriotic Front – PF government. I say so because it is quite evident that you are always at the beck and call of the duties of your ministry. Yes you have organised multiple trips for the head of state in return setting a “useless” record of him being the most travelled or rather “mobile president” in the whole world. I preferred to use the word “useless” because i know that literally nothing has come out as a positive from those trips, except for those top government officials acquiring more and more wealth, at the expense of a poor Zambian. We know whenever you are questioned with regards to those trips you will hide under your blanket – bilateral relations. Ba Honourable would you say that those pictures that the head of state and his entourage took in Swaziland resemble bilateral relations? And even if we had to hold bilateral talks with foreign countries, must it be with abena; Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Togo, Botswana and now Angola. What is going on is like this scenario; when two lame people are sited down none of them can help the other to stand up and move unless someone that is able to stand alone comes in to help. These countries you claim to make agreements with, are in similar situations if not worse.
In conclusion, i want to believe that you are not the one that suggests these trips but you end up organising them under duress situations. Because if you organise them freely, then i would not be wrong to suggest that you are not different from those lumpens who call themselves Honourable but end up throwing punches and pouring bottled water on one another in parliament! And to the president, boss “Lekeni Ukutekela Mundeke,” – DUNDUMWEZI isn’t in the air it is on the ground!!!

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