Bill 10 debate pushed to Friday as PF makes last minute attempts to hunt for support

The PF regime has again pushed the commencement of parliamentary seatings to Friday 19th June 2020.
Parliamentary Chief Whip Brian Mundubile confirmed the changes at a media briefing today and claimed that the changes are due to late arrival of equipment from South Africa that will allow parliament to conduct its business amidst the covid 19 pandemic.

According to Mundubile, over K5 million has been spent on buying the equipment adding that the money also covered the training of Members of Parliament on how to use the new system.
Parliament opened on 9th June 2020 and was supposed to vote on the controversial Bill 10 but government said the business could not resume last week because members were still being oriented on how to conduct parliamentary business under the covid 19 new normal measures.
The PF has spent the past two weeks going round the country campaigning for Bill 10 and bribing sections of society to support the bill whose intention is to ensure the PF hold on to power beyond 2021.

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