Bill 10: Lungu assigns paramount chiefs to coerce citizens

Bill 10: Lungu assigns paramount chiefs to coerce citizens


A scheme in which President Edgar Lungu is trying to pursued

Litunga with Gawa Undi

the country’s four paramount Chiefs to support the evil bill 10 has been unearthed.

According to State House sources, between 26th and 30th January 2020, president Lungu summoned the four paramount chiefs Litunga of Barotseland , Gawa Undi of the Chewa people, Chitimukulu of the Bemba and Mpezeni of the Ngoni to a meeting at state house.

Government officials in attendance were Mr. Lungu himself, Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Lawrence Sichalwe, Justice Minister Given Lubinda, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and one of the Deputy Directors of the Zambia’s Intelligence Services from red brick who was in fact going round picking the chiefs using ZAF choppers.

According to the notes seen by the Zambian Watchdog from State House sources, among the key resolutions were:

1. The Litunga of Barotseland in Western Province was appointed as the committee Chairperson to spearhead the project.

2. The Chiefs were coerced to convince the Members of Parliament to support Bill 10.

3. They were tasked to convince other chiefs, headmen and their citizens and to support Bill 10.

4. During the time of elections, these chiefs should openly campaign for Edgar Lungu.

5. The Chiefs should not be allowing opposition political parties, especially UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, to be visiting their areas, including during traditional ceremonies. Mr Lungu himself declared that he won’t be attending traditional ceremonies, but he wants the same be applied by the traditional leaders to opposition political party leaders. Mr. Lungu feels the Public Order Act has been effectively used to block opposition parties, but opposition leaders attendance at traditional ceremonies make them interact with citizens.

According to the notes from the meeting, in return, Mr. Lungu promised the Paramount Chiefs that:

1. They will be given unfettered powers to administer land including selling without consulting their subjects.

3. Give them unfettered powers to appoint and dethrone any chief without following the family lineages.

For example, mr Lungu promised the Litunga that he (Litunga) will have powers to preside and appoint chiefs in North Western Province, Copperbelt Province, Lusaka Province, parts of Central Province and Southern Province.

The Chitimukulu was promised powers to preside and appoint chiefs in the entire Northern Province, the other part of Central Province, Luapula and Muchinga Province.

The Eastern Province Paramount Chiefs were equally demarcated to preside and appoint chiefs from Nyimba to Chama District.

According to insiders , Mr Lungu wants to use almost the same scheme of duping chiefs like the one party state when some of them were being appointed as Members of the UNIP Central Committee.

State House sources say, Mr Lungu only wants Bill 10 to go through and once that is done, he will forget these Chiefs like he has done with many other unfulfilled promises.

“He only wants to use them. He just says kubabomfya fye (just use them) and he always says I am the President kwati he is ever doubting himself, so these four paramount Chiefs will regret having entered into this agreement but let’s wait and see how their subjects including other Chiefs will behave when they are told about this scheme. Otherwise, when leaving Lusaka, they were told that each one of them will receive a brand new Toyota hilux vehicle this week,” said our State House sources.

PF sources say president Lungu wants to hold on to State power and is banking on bill 10 as a key driver.

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