Bill 10 watts was drafted by savages – ZCTU

Bill 10 watts was drafted by savages – ZCTU

Bill 10 was drafted by savages – ZCTU

THE Zambia Congress of Trade Union has said no to what it has termed as unpopular amendments to the Constitution.

Addressing the media following their submission to the parliamentary select committee, general secretary Cosmas Mukuka said the ZCTU does not support the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019 because it takes away retirees pension security, thus leading to increased poverty and homelessness.
Mukuka said many retirees would not be able to build their own homes and children would stop school.

He denounced the bill, saying it seeks to entrench dictatorship, a system where one person or a small group of people decide the destiny of the country without the say of the citizens.

“They will continue to rule over you without your approval. The Amendment Bill No. 10 should be withdrawn; it is not achieving any purpose as it seeks to introduce deputy ministers, a huge cost to the Zambian people in the already struggling economy. Currently, our government continues to run efficiently without this office. There is no need to reintroduce this office,” Mukuka said.

He said the ZCTU does not support Bill 10 because it seeks to introduce a coalition government, noting that this could lead to a one party state.

Mukuka said the coalition proposal gives undue advantage to the ruling government to join hands with any losing party to form government.

He said amending the Constitution would require sensitization of voters if the proposed changes to the electoral system were to be enacted.

Mukuka said the current delimitation process would also add pressure to the national treasury with the additional number of members of parliament.

“With the background set out above, ZCTU therefore is opposed to all the proposed amendments to the Republican Constitution as set out in the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019. This is on account that the process was not inclusive, the NDF [National Dialogue Forum] resolutions lacked consensus, all proposed amendments are retrogressive in intent and generally the proposed amendments do not reflect the values and principles of democracy, the will of the Zambia people and the need for social justice to ensure lasting peace, prosperity and a shared future,” said Mukuka. “It’s like it was drafted by savages. Amendment Bill No. 10, at best, is an attempt to expand the executive powers of the Republican President while taking away the rights of citizens to democratic governance.”

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