Biomedical union condemns minister of health

Biomedical union condemns minister of health

The Biomedical Union of Zambia has condemned the ministry of health for carelessly using public transport to transport Covid-19 thereby endangering members of the public and health workers in particular.

And Union President Daniel Mwimbe has called for the firing of everyone who authorised the movements of Ian Mutambo a biomedical scientist to deliver Covid-19 samples from Zambezi to Lusaka using public transport.

Mutambo died in a road accident while transporting Covid-19 test samples on a Power Tools bus.

But Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya justified the use of public transport to transport Covid samples saying it’s not the first time.

The death of Mutambo while on duty has shocked the nation and has brought to the fore the hazardous working environment front line staff in the Covid fight are subjected to. Citizens are shocked that despite the millions of US Dollars that have been donated, health workers do not even have proper transport while on duty.

When minister Chilufya was asked how the donated money is being used, he tartly said ‘you are always asking about money. Who sent you’?

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