Bisas reject Sunday Chanda, want own son

Bisas reject Sunday Chanda, want own son


Bisa traditional authorities are said to have protested the rejection of Lartsone Mumba and adoption of PF Media Director, Sunday Chanda as MP.

The traditional authorities want former ZESCO Director of Human Resources, Larstone Mumba who was seeking adoption under the ruling Patriotic Front party for Kanchibiya Constituency .

The traditional authorities said the people of Kanchibiya Constituency deserve one of their own sons to represent their interests.

The traditional Chiefs in the area expressed concern that with the the decision by the Central Committee, Bisas will have very few seats in Muchinga Province that can be represented by their own.

The ruling Patriotic Front adopted its Media Director, Sunday Chanda who is a Bemba yet Kanchibiya Constituency is mostly in Bisa area.

They said Sunday Chanda should be given an opportunity to stand in Mpika Central like he tried in 2011 and not in a Bisa predominant area so that they can feel adequately represented.

They said the past area MPs from; Newton Nguni, Judy Kangoma Kapijimpanga, Albert Kanyanyamina, Davies Mwango and Martin Malama were all Bisas from the area.

The traditional leaders said they felt betrayed by the decision by the Central Committee that one of their own was rejected for someone who comes from outside the Bisa area.

They said they will seek an audience with President Edgar Lungu on the matter or will be forced to support Larstone Mumba as an independent candidate.

The Bisa Chiefs in Mpika are; Senior Chief Kopa, Chief Chundaponde, Chief Kabinga, Chief Luchembe, Chief Mukungule, Chief Mpumba, Chief Nabwalya and Chief Chibesakunda while Chief Kabanda is in Shiwangandu.

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