Bishop Chihana condemns Masebo

The International Fellowship of Christian Churches has castigated Tourism minister Sylvia Masebo for undressing the security of the country by claiming that foreign planes are landing and  flying without being noticed.

Masebo last week claimed that foreign aircraft enter and leave Zambia without being detected after carrying elephants, Buffaloes, hyenas etc…

IFCC president Simon Chihana said in an interview that the act by Masebo was outrageous and should not come from a leader.

“It is totally wrong for any minister of whatsoever ministry not even the head of state should speak on the weakness of the security of the nation to the public. Whether it is there or not,” he said

He pointed out that if President Sata understood the repercussions  of Masebo’s behaviour, she should immediately fire her.
“President Sata should fire Masebo as doing so will  send a warning to all ministers. Politicians should play their politics well and totally avoid playing with national security,” he said.

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