Bishop Chihana demands release of HH

Bishop Chihana demands release of HH

The leadership of President Lungu has just created a situation where strife has been birthed and this can create make a nation to be ungovernable by the wings of government.

Zambia is a very peaceful nation and its people are always very tolerant, but cannot be taken for granted or be considered as foolish.

As from the Church angle, we demand that President Lungu releases Mr Hakainde Hichilema from the detention and drop all charges laid against him.

Based on the activities that took place in Mongu, one can clearly see and strongly tell that there was a misapplication of duty from the side of the police service. We are all aware and fully knowledgeable that whenever our Head to State and in this case our President Mr Edgar Lungu is travelling enroute to a particular destination, apart from the sweeper motorbikes and cars, which go ahead to clear the way for the President to have safe passage, there are also highly trained police officers that are posted all the way up to the point of where the President is coming to for National duties. A national event such as the Kuomboka of the Lozi, attracts thousands of city dwellers and therefore, one expects a lot of traffic from the motorists and in such cases the State Security, plus the police and traffic officers control the moves of the presidency without compromise.

We are fully in support of the safe moves of the President and we know that no president travels like an ordinary junior minister of the government.

We therefore urge and demand for the release of the UPND President Mr Hakainde Hichilema without delay or even taking the matter to the courts of law.

What our police officers demonstrated in smoking out Mr Hichilema like a very dangerous armed robber and a criminal who has been on top of the most wanted list, really shows that we have no regard for our political leaders for as long as they are in opposition.

We urge both the opposition political parties and the ruling party to respect each other for the sake of the people they lead and the democratic system we seem to enjoy.

We have a tomorrow and we ought to be mindful about it and about our legacy that we leave behind after time has spoken and we are no longer holding on to our positions either as opposition leaders or a governing party. Let us do all we can to live at peace with each and respect one another in whatever capacity of authority God has put us. Let those who governed honour those who govern and those who govern respect those who are governed. That is the GOLDEN RULE.

Statement by: Bishop Simon Chihana

IFCC President

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