Bishop Chihana demands removal of foreigners from voters register

Bishop Chihana demands removal of foreigners from voters register

The confirmation  through the Post newspaper of  foreigners having registered as voters and are appearing in the Electoral Commission of Zambia register is greatly disheartening and very disappointing to say the least, says Bishop Simon Chihana.

Bishop Chihana further says it is disgusting for some people to claim that it is not the duty of the Electoral Commission of Zambia to clean the voters register.Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.38.56

Bishop Chihana says the failure by the ECZ to remove foreigners from the voters register is an unreasonable, irresponsible and shows that this group of people ‘do not deserve to hold such an esteemed responsibility on behalf of the Zambians’.


‘We are demanding an immediate deregistration of all foreign registered voters, be it in eastern province, western province, North western province, Luapula province and Muchinga province.


We also demand for the arrest of the officials who conducted the illegal registration and the expense of tax payers’ money and government time, without respecting the sovereignty of our country Zambia,’ Bishop Chihana said.

‘This natural abominable act is a shame to all of us who always want to see good governance, fairness, equity, and justice prevailing in our country and the Electoral process of Zambia.

‘Where are our uncompromising investigating wings and why allow the high levels of corruption deteriorate in our government as if it is a normal thing to do wrong things? Bishop Chihana asked.

‘As a church, we lament and demand an explanation from ECZ and the police command.

Otherwise, both the police and ECZ are guilty of this shameful act, because at every registration point, where ECZ had their equipment to register voters, there were police officers also working to monitor any illegal activities, which meant that if the registering officer received someone with a foreign card, immediately the police were to informed and an act of arresting would have taken place,’ he said.

Bishop Chihana said ‘let us discontinue these acts of corruption in our country’.

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