Bishop Chihana depressed by blocking of RB

We are extremely amazed by the decision taken by the Executive to stop former republican President Mr. rupiah Banda from traveling to South Africa for Heads of States round table discussions called African Presidential Centre Roundtable Conference 2013, for African Presidents even after the High Court ruled in his favour that he be granted the passport to travel and that his trip was not a security threat in any way to the government. The High Court judge put up a strong ruling saying, the former president was not a flight-risk as he has all his possessions in Zambia and young children he was leaving behind, and that the invitation to South Africa was from a credible source, which showed that he was internationally recognized and respected”.  

We are in no uncertain terms say, we are gravely concerned at the manner the Executive is handling the governance of this nation and we wonder where exactly Zambia is  being taken if the Executive cannot recognize the honorable and much noble role that the  Judicially  plays in this nation.
Can we just imagine for a moment, if R. Banda as a sitting President then, had disregarded or undermined the 2011 results of the elections in which the Patriotic Front PF was  announced by the then Chief Justice, Ernest Sakala that Mr. Sata had won the Presidential elections.
The ministry of Home Affairs has stated that, they had received intelligence reports that Mr. Banda was going to change evidence had he travelled to South Africa. This is in very bad taste were such works of intelligence are concerned. If President Banda wanted to change evidence, he does not need to travel out, he is an international figure with people in and out Zambia that can possibly do whatever he wants to be done if wished so whilst in Zambia. Mr. Banda is still a man of authority who can to one go and he goes and to another come and he comes. One would think that those he worked with closely and favorably outside still have a heart for him.
My advice to the PF government is that they must avoid creating deliberate enemies by drawing the attention of every Zambian even to matters that are so clear in favour of others. Government has many people that need help in job creation, better health facilities and better education system. We urge government to put their energies toward such and they won’t be worried of their political enemies.
What government is currently practicing is the rule of man and not the rule of Law, and if they continue, they may discover that the general public will not have regard for the Executive, Judicially and the Law enforcing officers, but if the government can respect our courts then the public shall have confidence in how they are governed, other than where they see that the police, the courts and parliament are weapons that Executive uses to whip them and take away their rights and freedoms they have fought for.

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