Bishop Chihana preaches against violence

It is not all people in Zambia that are taking peace for granted, infact the majority of the people want peace to prevail, but a click of untamed cadres and mostly from the ruling Party PF, are the ones perpetuating violence in the country.
In this period of campaigns, we have noted that of the cadres from the two parties PF and UPND, the majority of those hospitalised and some dying are from the opposition UPND. This is a very sad state of affairs for a nation like Zambia that has been known for such great peace, friendliness, kindness and hospitality and unity.
The threat of our peace must be dealt with by both prayer and advocacy by condemning the perpetrators and discouraging those being provoked, and also by demanding that our police officers arrest the perpetrators without being selective.
When evil is given a blind eye, it spreads as a fast cancer and harms the whole society and people begin to live a very suspicious life of one another, and this must not be allowed in our country Zambia, but be stopped now by Zambians. We must all say to violence at every level of society.
The police must not compromise their position, by victimising individuals and groups, such as what just happened in kasama, where the police command under Mr Kapeso went and attacked the home Mr GBM in the night, tear gassing the family and brutalising them and later falsely accusing them of things just worked out and the following day we calling for prayers and unity of the people. Such is a great mockery before God and the whole Heavenly host. When we do such things, we are just deceiving ourselves in the eyes the Lord. Jesus commands us that if there is a matter between brothers one who is gone to worship, he must leave his offering at the altar and go and make peace with the person who is offended and come to worship God and that is when God will hear our prayers.
IFCC: President

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