Bishop Chihana says ARV shortage could lead to deaths

The critical shortage of ARV drugs in our medical clinics and hospitals around the nation is very alarming and government is required to intervene without delay so that lives are saved from further untold miseries that may affect the nation at a very different high level with possible deaths at a fast rate than anticipated normally.
Statistics show that, there are more 300,000 (three hundred thousands) persons in Zambia that are on these drugs for their wellbeing, which means such a huge number of people have their lives in danger.
Government has been very good in advising the patients on ARVs to adhere to the medical prescribed for them by the medical personnel, now with such a ghostly development where drugs are not available for the patients, it simply means a number of things are likely to occur unless government and other international agencies intervene now and not tomorrow.
We clearly know through experience and knowledge passed on that if one misses taking medication in a prescribed manner, their body is likely to develop a resistance in responding to medication which makes the medicines to be of no effect on the person taking them and this can lead to death because the immune system has completely collapsed if God the Almighty does not intervene in the person’s life.
The other crucial thing to happen is that, patients shall be experiencing repeated admissions in the hospitals and clinics, which shall result in government expenditures going on a high level medically than before and this exercise can be heavy and very expensive to handle by government.
Let us understand that most of the patients that are on these type of ARVs are coming from poor families and the cost of living is very high these days and affording the expensive medication is far reached and therefore, apart from failure of accessing the medication they also have big problems in having better meals for their livelihood, and this can quicken the collapsing of the immune system in the bodies.
As a church organization, we call on all patients in Zambia to remain focused and trust in the Lord to help every patient out there with medication. We call on CHAZ and NAC to quickly find a solution for the patients who may be our relatives; friends work mates, school mates, business mates, even church mates.
We also make an appeal to organisations such as the Bill Clinton Foundations and George Bush Foundations and many Humanitarian and Church organisations who have active in assisting many in such situations.

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