Bishop Chihana says it’s not right for Lungu to increase salary amidst suffering

IFCC president Simon Chihana has charged that president Edgar Lungu’s move to increase his salary four times in one year is unheard of anywhere in the world.Bishop Chihana says that the it is not right for the head of state to increase his salary so many times amidst high levels of poverty and joblessness in the country.

He says the people that proposed for the presidents salary increment and all those that pended their signatures are an abomination to the people of Zambia.
Bishop Chihana says that the Executive should have shown compassion to the people of Zambia by not agreeing to such moves considering the high levels of of poverty and debts that the country is currently in.
He says Zambia is in debt to foreign countries and it is not right that the people do not know where the money is going.
“Zambia is one of the top indebted countries in the world and current statistics show that the tumbling of the kwacha is the fastest and worst in the current economy if the world”,he said.
Bishop Chihana says that all the 19 commercial banks in the country have been left with no money for investment and even the Bank of Zambia has been left lifeless and can not save the crumbling economy.
He added that it is not right that in a country where the Banks are borrowing money from NAPSA the head of state should be thinking about increasing his salary.
“The action by the president shows that he is uncaring and unsympathetic towards his people”,he said.
Bishop Chihana has said that the action by president Lungu is like that of a man who wines and dines at expensive hotels while his wife and children are eating nshima with kapenta or kanunka which is not properly done because they live in a community that has continuous load shedding.
“The president has to be stopped,we cannot by let the people suffer while he enjoys himself”,he said.
Bishop Chihane has since advised president Lungu to show sympathy to the suffering Zambian people.
He says whoever advised the head of state is paving a way for him out of government.
Bishop Chihane said that’if president Lungu does not reverse his decision it will be his way out of presidential office in August’.

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