Bishop Chomba says Change in Zambia is inevitable

A Zambia man who says he is a bishop has said political change in Zambia is inevitable.
Bishop Edward Chomba has also said the declaration of Zambia as a Christain nation is useless and should be reversed.
Bishop Chomba says the current deceptive and greed leadership has reduced the country to extreme poverty.
But Former president Fredrick Chiluba has exposed Bishop Chomba as a hypocrite who is currently married to five women in different parts of the world.
Chiluba’s spokeperson Emmanuel Mwamba revealed that Bishop Chomba is not a clergy man because he is excommunicated.
‘Mr. Edward Chomba was excommunicated as Bishop in USA in 2007. Archbishop Paul Baymon of Holy Christian Orthodox Church and president of the world Bishop Council excommunicated Mr. Chomba”, said Mwamba.
Mwamba was quoted on radio Phoenix said Chomba has a wife in south Africa, USA and Nigeria and other countries.
Chomba earlier spoke on Radio Phoenix Where he said people should not be nostalgic about change as being stuck with current leaders will not help.
Chomba said lack of vision by Zambian leaders has resulted in the country retrogressing. He said the 6.3 percent economic growth the government is singing about is fake because most Zambians are wallowing in poverty.
Chomba said Zambia should reverse the declaration of Christian nation because the country has lost values of Christianity as evidenced by killing of innocent people.

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