Bishop Chomba to stand as MP for Kankoyo

Bishop Chomba to stand as MP for Kankoyo

Bishop Chomba is eyeing Kankoyo Constituency in Mufurila and telling people that his activities in the Constituency have the blessings of both President Lungu and Party Secretary General Davies Mwila. He also tells his confidants that if PF does not adopt him, he shall stand on NDC or as Independent candidate.

Chomba, a known crook and fraudster thinks he can dupe the pipo of Mufurila yet they know him and of him very well.

“The man is a fraud. He has swindled churches from Zambia to USA. Every certificate he has from grade 12 to any tertiary education certificate are forged. He got arrested so many times in USA for fraud and other criminal behavior before being deported. The only thing he came back with was a funny English accent… Wara instead of water” said our source who used to keep Chomba in his house back in the USA.

“The system knows this by now. Late President Sata distanced himself from him as soon as he discovered who he was”.

PS Chomba is also known for his randy behaviour towards female employees in all Ministries he has worked including Local Government were he is now and recently attempted to rape a female secretary in his Office.

The man has eaten 15 matebetos upon returning from the USA after been deported for criminal behaviour bordering around fraudulant activities that included organising fake Green cards for unsuspecting foreign Nationals.

This gigolo of a PS has fathered several children with different women some of whom he denies… He is such a womaniser who targets unsuspecting women and promises them marriage hence eating several Chilangamulilo’s every year. He even managed to con a former PS at defence and started living with her until they broke up after she found him red handed in bed with the house maid. The said Lady is now in foreign service.

Chomba, who’s only qualification that earned him the position of PS was him calling HH a Satanist at a rally in Kabwe during the 2015 elections. Instead of been grateful for been appointed PS despite having fake and forged papers for qualifications, he is now all over creating confusion in a Constituency held by a hard working MP and Minister of Higher Education, Hon real PhD Dr. Brian Mushimba.

We want to warn Fake Bishop Chomba that his activities will soon ground to a halt as both President Lungu and Party SG are aware that he is using their names in his illegal activities in Kankoyo Constituency.

Time is ticking and soon, the axe shall fall.

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