‘Bishop’ Chomba’s Brother also using fake degrees

‘Bishop’ Chomba’s Brother also using fake degrees

– Alexander Chomba was given a job as Senior Inspector of Water Resources by his elder brother who is the PS

– Alexander Chomba has qualifications from Belford University – a fake ‘university’ that was forced to close, website confiscated and made to refund people it conferred with fake certificates

– But Chomba is still using the same papers he bought from Bedford university

Alexander Chomba was a driver with Ministry of Local Govt and Housing 2007-8 (likely longer). In 2015 his brother, Bishop Edward Chomba, then Chair of WARMA Board, managed to get him a significant career upgrade to the senior position in the Water Resource Management Authority (WARMA) of Regulation and Compliance Manager using fake certificates from Belford University. Those who have directly worked with him say his performance is very weak and he consistently fails to deliver anything. Given the primary importance of his role for enforcing the rule of law and for equitable sharing of water for the economic and social development of Zambia, this is a very serious situation.

How many other Zambian Civil Servants are claiming to have degrees from Belford University? Surely the Public Service Commission should be checking authenticity of these things?

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