Bishop Joshua Banda a man of GOD or GOLD???


As a christian in his church I feel so insulted by the politics being played by our bishop. Why has the bishop been allowed to go on politicking? We expect men of God to speak against violence, tribalism, undressing of ladies and increase in immorality inter alia. Our society is full of dark and evil things but these men of God are no where to seen to restore society to Christ. What a way to celebrate Easter. This is total agony! Social media reporting your church bishop’s message on Easter only to discover that it is a political statement attacking an opposition leader. We know that men of God are now being given brown envelopes to speak in the manner that the Bishop did. Men of God should not preach because of GOLD but GOD. Silver and Gold has become your priority thus even the church is losing members. The church should rise against such leaders.

I no longer see the need why I should continue belonging to Northmead Assembly of God Church. I can’t be listening to someone with double standards NEVER! My church is now HOME!!! PAOG leadership please restore the holy movement of pentecost!!

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